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Generally speaking everything I make is to be given away - even if I don't want to - but now at least I can keep them on here.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas presents...

with it being well past christmas (and the fact that i have given them to the kids) i thought i would share the gifts i made for my sisters children this year without fear of spoiling any surprises.

benjamin is now 11 (very soon to be 12 - feeling a bit old) and as much of a doctor who freak as me and therefore deserving of his very own dalek (similar having been previously shown) and for jessica i thought a pink rabbit (and why not). in fairness anything pink would have sufficed.

having squandered my free time whilst being unemployed on volunteering the new challenge was to get them made before christmas, thus revealing my crafty side to my work colleagues and the builders on site.

as a side story this caused an amusing incident of ageism but i digress.

the dalek production went swimmingly, but as christmas drew nearer the demands on my time exceeded crafty limits so by the time we were on our way to the folks it was still not done. luckily it was constructed in parts and i was still able to continue production whilst joining in with family games on xmas eve.

inevitable drinkies were consumed and wool started running out so amendments were made to the pattern resulting in a rabbit that looks like he has had a hard life, but i think he is great, and so does jess

and so, without further ado may i present...


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