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Ok, so it turns out that the flat I live in is far to small for all of my crafty obsessions and creations, and I have therefore spread them out on the massive crafty table that is the internet, this is My Corner.
Generally speaking everything I make is to be given away - even if I don't want to - but now at least I can keep them on here.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Creative Treat

So after being terribly busy making birthday invitations - and designing save the dates, invitations and orders of service for my friend Gill's little sister's wedding I decided that I had earned a non invitation based crafty treat.

Rather excitingly my new stamps from Whiff of Joy arrived yesterday - pesky ash cloud finally left us in peace - so I thought I would have a play with one of these - and of course they are now my new favourites :)

This Used:
Image: Whiff of Joy - Willow with Umbrella
Backing Papers - Funky Hand Minty Madness and Salt and Pepper
Card Candy - Granny Smiths

The photo is a bit rubbish as the sun had moved around the corner by the time I had finished!

Of course making cards is super fun, but seeing how many challenges you can get them in to is almost as good :) I have managed three with this little number:

Get Funky Challenge - April Showers
I Love Promarkers - Black, White + 1 other colour
Whiff of Joy Challenge - Sketch challenge

Off to continue playing, and I may cook tea too :)

Still Alive!

How long has it been since I've had a share? :)

Don't worry - not that you were - I have been busy making birthday invites for mine and my good friend Gill's combined birthday party - we were born on the same day, four years apart.

I remember sharing a couple of birthday parties with my older sister when I was younger - and although it must have seemed like a good idea before hand I don't really remember enjoying them all that much. I didn't really like the people she was hanging around with whe
n she hit her teenage years - and when you're that age a few years is miles apart in taste - not as though I ever liked anything she did, and probably still don't, though back then it was probably on purpose where as now it is because we are completely different people. I must have driven my mum mad!

But now a joint party is completely different. I met Gill back in 2001 when she became the new manager in the pub that I was working in, and we got along like a house on fire. Our first shared party was drinkies in a pub and Karaoke, which we enjoyed so much it became tradition. Spookily one of the other pub manag
ers also shares our birthday (she is slightly more than four years older but I won't say by how much - lol) and joined in the karaoke fun.

So this year - after two years apart we are back to drinkies and karaoke in our pub, but being all grown up (not) we have decided to give it a theme - 1920's prohibition America - a
nd hopefully everyone will be rolling up as gangsters and molls!

Of course this was the perfect excuse for a little buy at Ally Pally and this is the finished article:

This Used:
Image: Circa Design 1930's lady in frame (what is a decade between friends)
Distress inks
Card scraps from the stash (including fabulously strokeable Hunky Dory, almost too beautiful to use)

Thanks for stopping by :)