My Crafty Corner

Ok, so it turns out that the flat I live in is far to small for all of my crafty obsessions and creations, and I have therefore spread them out on the massive crafty table that is the internet, this is My Corner.
Generally speaking everything I make is to be given away - even if I don't want to - but now at least I can keep them on here.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Snippet scavenge

So as I visited the house of hearts this weekend for the annual pancake championship, I thought what better opportunity to procure some stamps and make my Christmas embellishments?
And to show my gratitude I thought I would help mummy Gibbs by using some of her pesky snippets from the big snippet box.  I think it took me half an our to go through and choose, her snippet collection is greater than my stash, but I waded through the goodies to make one of this months birthday cards, though I think I didn't really make much impact on the box :)
So here it is, the image I know is penny black, but the papers are anyone's guess :)