My Crafty Corner

Ok, so it turns out that the flat I live in is far to small for all of my crafty obsessions and creations, and I have therefore spread them out on the massive crafty table that is the internet, this is My Corner.
Generally speaking everything I make is to be given away - even if I don't want to - but now at least I can keep them on here.

Monday, 21 May 2012


So Lazy!

I cant believe I haven't posted for soooo long!

I guess partly it is because I haven't had time for crafty pursuits (so sad) but mostly it is lazyness.

Luckily I have a few weeks of unemployment to look forward to before I start my summer job at Buckingham Palace (yay me) and although some of that time will be spent catching up on the neglected housework and visiting the folks, I may well crack on with birthdays and Christmas prep (she lied optimistically)

Still if you do fancy catching up with my exploits I have another blog which regales my adventures on a slightly more regular basis (though this too has sadly been neglected) which you can find here...

See you soon