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Ok, so it turns out that the flat I live in is far to small for all of my crafty obsessions and creations, and I have therefore spread them out on the massive crafty table that is the internet, this is My Corner.
Generally speaking everything I make is to be given away - even if I don't want to - but now at least I can keep them on here.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Snippet scavenge

So as I visited the house of hearts this weekend for the annual pancake championship, I thought what better opportunity to procure some stamps and make my Christmas embellishments?
And to show my gratitude I thought I would help mummy Gibbs by using some of her pesky snippets from the big snippet box.  I think it took me half an our to go through and choose, her snippet collection is greater than my stash, but I waded through the goodies to make one of this months birthday cards, though I think I didn't really make much impact on the box :)
So here it is, the image I know is penny black, but the papers are anyone's guess :)


  1. Tee hee .. .. thanks Cat for helping me to reduce my snippet collection .. .. and thanks also for telling the world exactly how bad it is!!! LOL!!!

    You will have to stay longer next time so you can use even more .. .. or else we ban any socialising completely and just stay at the dining room table "all" of the time!! Mmmmmm... there's a thought!

    Thank you for joining me in the snippet playground and for sharing your lovely make.

    Love Jules xx (aka Mummy Gibbs)

  2. great snippet make, love that image! x

  3. Fabulous card. I think I see some of Jules influence there too.
    Lynne xxx

  4. Lovely snippet make. Congrats on helping Jules with her snippet piles.

    Hugs, Sandra